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About Seaway Computing Proactive Care Home Office Small Company

Seaway Computing SM provides computer and network services to small businesses in Eastern Massachusetts.  By letting us take care of your Information Technology (IT) needs, you save yourself the risk and expense of hiring your own personnel, and gain the benefit of the experience we have from serving multiple clients.

As our client, you receive the benefit of our experience and expertise gained from serving dozens of others in diverse technical environments.  But any private information about your business is kept completely confidential.  Your trust is our most important product.

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bulletAbout Seaway Computing - A short summary of who we are and how we work
bulletProactive Care- Learn about our approach to solving computer problems before they cause you lost time and costly repair expenditures.
bulletHome Office - You may only have one computer but you can still afford a professional level of IT support.
bulletSmall Company - You are not large enough for a full-time IT support person but want that level of service.



Note: The term Seaway Computing is a Massachusetts service mark of Earl C. Van Horn dba Seaway Computing.

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