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The primary focus of Seaway Computing SM is to provide small companies with professional IT support. A larger company will have an IT department with one or more employees dedicated to this function. Seaway Computing offers the small company the same quality of service, but without the same level of investment.

A small company often has one person who is responsible for IT support along with a number of other duties. Seaway Computing can offer a tailored package of IT support that will allow such a person to still maintain IT oversight while spending more time on other aspects of the business.

The support provided by Seaway Computing can actually be better than that provided by a full-time IT person. This is because the experience and knowledge we gain by working in many different environments accrues to the benefit of all our clients. A full time IT person with the equivalent experience of Seaway Computing would be an expensive resource indeed.

Of further interest to the small company is our preventative service called
Proactive Care SM.





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