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About Seaway Computing

About Seaway Computing Proactive Care Home Office Small Company


Seaway ComputingSM began operations in 1999.

Earl C. Van Horn founded the company on three premises


·         Computer technology is becoming so complex that even small businesses require expert services.

·         Small businesses are increasingly dependent on computers, and so need to be serviced by professional engineers.

·         Since small businesses are – well – small, the services must be provided on an as-needed, cost-conscious basis.


To date we have grown by word-of-mouth, with very little advertising or sales effort.  Particularly helpful have been referrals by others in the trade – recommendations from other computer professionals who do not directly provide operational IT services, but who recognize the superior skills and expertise of Seaway Computing.


Seaway Computing bills for productive work and results achieved.


Although we base our billing on a standard hourly labor rate, we do not normally charge by elapsed wall clock time. Instead, we bill for productive work and results achieved.  Unless a job has been estimated in its entirety, we provide itemized invoices showing exactly which tasks have consumed how much labor.


Seaway Computing is always focused on the best way of meeting your needs.


When we purchase products for use by our clients, we routinely charge an ordering and receiving fee, currently 10% of the product cost.  We are not “resellers” of any vendor’s products, and we have no additional financial interest in any of the products we use or recommend.  By maintaining vendor neutrality, we can objectively recommend for your use those products that are the best for your needs.


That said, we do have business relationships with several vendors and suppliers.  For example, Seaway Computing is a Microsoft Registered Partner, and a SonicWALL Medallion Partner.  The primary purpose of these relationships is to obtain timely access to technical information to serve you better.  In some cases we can obtain special prices.  For products we purchase for you, we accept only discounts that we can legitimately pass along to you.  We have no financial interest in recommending one vendor over another, but we choose vendors solely on the basis of the quality of their products.





The terms Seaway Computing, Proactive Care, and Computer Freedom are Massachusetts service marks of Earl C. Van Horn dba Seaway Computing.






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