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The traditional approach to addressing computer and network problems is to wait until something breaks and then fix it.  This is generally a costly and marginally effective strategy, because unscheduled down time usually interrupts business activity, and the high priority response required usually commands a premium price.

Seaway Computing SM offers another approach to computer and network problems:  Prevention.  (What a concept!)

Our preventative service is called Proactive Care SM.  It is specifically tailored to the needs of small business, because it requires no lump-sum initiation fees or monthly retainers.  As is usual for Seaway Computing, you pay only for productive work and results.

The basic idea of Proactive Care is very simple.  (Details are spelled out in a contract.)  Seaway Computing takes total responsibility for the computers enrolled in Proactive Care. We set the computer up in a standard way, keep the software up to date, install antivirus and antispyware software, and insure that the system is backed up on a daily basis. If the computer experiences any problems from virus or spyware contamination, for example, or needs to be restored from backup due to a hardware or software issue, we will do that at no charge except for any new hardware required.

With Proactive Care, you can concentrate on your business goals and let Seaway Computing take care of your computer systems.  Our goal is your Computer Freedom SM.



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